Hot Facial Steamer With Mirror

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  • Enhance hydration and moisture for radiant, plump skin
  • Helps minimize dirt, blackheads, excess oil, clogged pores and other impurities
  • When skin is exposed to steam, helps open pores, loosen blackheads and lift deep-down dirt and oil for easy removal
  • By steaming skin, it is also primed for exfoliation and moisturizing treatments, enabling better absorption of beneficial ingredients
  • Compact enough to bring on-the-go or perfect for at-home facials
  • Exfoliate, hydrate and moisturize skin with this warm, spa-quality facial treatment
  • For best results, apply a facial mask or moisture treatment after steaming for better absorption
  • It is recommended to use distilled or tap water
  • Caution: Steamer gets hot, therefore not intended for use by children. If any pain or discomfort is experienced during or after, discontinue use; Do not overuse


Instructions for Use:

1 - Prior to first use, clean out the water reservoir and fill to the maximum line with warm water
2 - Plug in and wait for the system to heat up and steam is visible
3 - Secure loose hairs away from face, cleanse face and pat dry
4 - Place face/nose over steam for approximately 5-10 minutes
5 - Press the button once again to turn off the system
6 - Use only 1-2 times a week